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Bandung destination offers you many options. If you have a plan to visit Bandung, you should plan everything carefully. You can spend your first day to visit one or more destinations. And then, explore more areas in the next day. To make you plan your vacation easily in Bandung, we provide you the most popular destinations and attractions this year.

1. Bandung Destination, Farmhouse Lembang

In Lembang, there are many destinations available to visit. For example, you can go to Kyoto Floating Market, Villa Air Natural Resort, or Rumah Belanda (The Dutch’s House). sekarang, you have more options that are Farmhouse Lembang. It is a tourism object with a nice concept that will remind you of the European style. Once you come there, you will feel the cottage with all the unique highlights of European countries.

tambahan, the spot offers you the European architecture, European-style houses, and European ornaments. Lebih baik, you can rent for the costumes and take some photos. Yang terbaik antara semua, the building models are so futuristic and classic.

Selain daripada, you can enjoy a mini waterfall in this area. Lain daripada itu, there is The Hobbit’s House that will remind you of the movie “Lord of the Rings”. Other interesting spots in Farmhouse Lembang are Bridge of Lovethe just like Pont Des Arts, a popular bridge in France. You should also try for Backyard Kitchen Café to enjoy Indonesian and Western food.

Raya Lembang Road, No.108, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, West Bandung, West Java 40391, Indonesia
Call: (+62)22-82782400

2. Dusun Bambu

It is incomplete if you do not visit this destination in Bandung. Dusun Bambu, which means Bamboo Village is located in Lembang. You can find it in the north of Bandung with its peaceful atmosphere and fresh air that gives you high comfort.

jadi, this is a family leisure park that offers something fresh and new. It is the first reason why this place is so popular. With the eco-friendly concept to offer, the area of this park is quite big. Lebih baik, the area is well-managed, in which you can enjoy culinary with some unique restaurants. Lain daripada itu, the area offers many outdoor activities, villas to stay and open space.

If you love to take some pictures and hunt for some Instagram blue spots, then you should go here. There are many interesting spots that will look as great as your background photo.
There are many things to do here. First, you can enjoy the view in this area. Lain daripada itu, you can enjoy the culinary option in some cafes and resorts. It is possible to bring your family to play together, or even just to walk around the park.

Kolonel Masturi Road Kertawangi, Cisarua, West Bandung, West Java 40551

3. Bandung What To Do? Visit Dago Dream Park

If you talk about Bandung destinations, the options are endless. One of the best options is Dago Dream Park. It is a family-friendly place and it is a new destination to offer. tetapi, it is so popular lately since the location is easy to access. Lebih baik, the area offers great facilities and amenities.

jadi, what can you do here? The park is spacious with the natural atmosphere it can offer. The area is also clean with the fresh air to enjoy. With many facilities, photo spots and amenities, surely you will never regret to stay here. Selain daripada, the parking area is quite big. You can find the toilet easily.

If you want to take some pictures, you should try some best spots to hunt photos such as Love Seat, Sky Tree, Up House, and And Aladdin Carpet. Yang terbaik antara semua, you can try other things like Sky Bike, Row A Boat, Lost in Paradise, Anti Gravity, and many more.

Dago Giri Road, Mekarwangi, Pagerwangi, Bandung

4. Bandung Destination: Rumah Mode Bandung

Have you visited this Bandung destination? baik, it is a great place for those who want to know the traditional factory outlet. The area is big and coz with various fashionable collections for all ages. This is one of the most popular destinations in Bandung for both local travelers and tourists. It is no surprise that the area is always full of people on the weekend or long holidays.

This factory outlet has a unique and special design that makes you shop comfortably. You can hunt some items happily. The concept is different from a mall or other giant buildings. The kinds are so eco-friendly that looks like a house with a park in front of the area. baik, the facilities in this factory outlet are quite many such as area parking lot, restaurant, lounge, coffee shop, ATM, bakery, toilet, dan lain lain.

5. Orchid Forest Cikole – New Bandung Destination

jadi, it is a new recreation area in Bandung. It started to open in 2017, it becomes the biggest orchid park in Indonesia. You can find it in the center of a protected forest with the area to explore at 12 hektar. Lebih baik, there are about 157 types of orchids with various species in this area.

The purpose of this recreation place is to focus on introducing and growing all kinds of orchids by using local or international methods. Interestingly, the types of orchids here are originally from Indonesia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, the Philippines, and the United States.

Other than orchids, you can find pine forest-lined perfectly with the fresh air to enjoy. The weather is so nice here that it will make you love stay for a longer time. Selain daripada, you can do many things once you arrive in this recreation area. There are many great attractions and activities to offer.

You can try walking on Sky Bridge. This is a long bridge made of woods and ropes. It is better to come and walk on this bridge at night because the lighting sensor system here is the main attraction. It makes the area suddenly becomes the best romantic spot for couples.

Lain daripada itu, you can enjoy outbound activities such as playing airsoft gun, enjoying flying fox, trying high rope, playing arch, dan lain lain. This recreation area supports camping, terlalu.

6. Bandung Destination to Visit – Chinatown Bandung

Bandung is so exotic. It is not something too much if people in Jakarta love visiting Bandung as the most favorite option to enjoy their holiday. Even almost every weekend, Bandung is so busy to handle all visitors. It is because they always have something new to offer. One of the unique options is Chinatown Bandung.

Chinatown Bandung offers 3.000 hectares of area to explore. Started to open as a recreation area in 2017, it is now becoming a popular choice. This kampong is quite different from others. It is because most people in this kampong are Chinese. After being renovated, this Kampong makes you feel like you are in China. jadi, it is no surprise that you will feel like you are going back to the past. In this area, you can find food stores, the iconic Chinese ornament such as lampions and the culture of Chinese people who love bicycling.

There are many spots in this area you can take some pictures to. For example, you can find a 130-year of the temple that is still functional up to now. Lain daripada itu, there are many instagrammable spots for selfie. If you want to taste culinary, don’t worry. There are many kinds of foods available here and all are halal.

7. Keraton Bandung Cliff

Not all people know about this unique and interesting cliff. It started is a new destination area in Bandung. The cliff offers you the exotic natural view from the top of it. juga, you can see how the forest looks beautiful to look along with the fog from the top of the cliff. The surrounding offers you breathtaking feel that you will never regret to stay there.

Since it is so beautiful, up to now, this cliff even can steal people’s attention. People are talking about it, even more than other recreation areas in Bandung. For example, it is now more popular than Moko Hills, Situ Patenggang, dan lain lain.

What can you do here? sebenarnya, the landscape of the hills and the view of the forest are the favorite duos. Lebih baik, this cliff offers you a beautiful view of sunrise. In a like word, you should go there early if you want to watch the sunrise. jika tidak, you can visit this recreation area in the evening so you will never miss how beautiful the sunset from there. Other things to do here are biking, trekking, camping, and birdwatching.

8. Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is a mountain, and it is a popular Bandung destination. For Indonesian people, it is interesting to listen to the legend of Tangkuban Perahu. It is hard to deny that the legend makes this quite popular. Many people come there because they wonder about the legend. Once you go there, you will find the pine trees surround the area along with the tea garden.

Selain daripada, there are three craters here, which are Domas crater, Upas crater, and Ratu crater. These craters are the result of the big eruption in the past. To do here is the culinary option. sebenarnya, you can enjoy some authentic culinary you can taste in restaurants or food stalls. One of the best foods to taste here is Ketan Bakar. Ketan Bakar is glutinous rice. You have to bake the rice first by covering it with banana leaf. After that, you can add coconut milk to make it more tasteful.

9. Trans Studio Bandung

The next Bandung destination to visit is Trans Studio Bandung. If you want to refresh your mind by exploring the amusement park, then you should go here. juga, it is an indoor theme park that is even more spectacular than the first theme park, Trans Studio Makassar.

Even, many people claim that it is the biggest indoor theme park available in the world. Started to open in 2011, there are many things you can do here. This is the largest recreation site in West Java and it is a must to visit Trans Studio Bandung.

The presence of Trans Studio Bandung means a lot because it is part of the commitment to offer world-class entertainment areas so it can attract international travelers. Even it is interesting to know that Trans Studio Bandung becomes the rival to other interesting tourism objects in Southeast Asia, such as Resort World Sentosa in Singapore and Genting Highland in Malaysia.

10. Lawangwangi Bandung

It is a super exotic and cozy destination in Bandung that will make you love staying there for a longer period. Lawangwangi Creative Space is one of the best places to visit, located in the middle of the natural view. juga, the area is a perfect choice if you love culinary and art.

In this place, you can find easy access to factory outlets. Lain daripada itu, the area is popular for its fresh air. Many people choose this place to relax while enjoying local culinary. We can say that Lawangwangi Bandung is one of the romantic restaurants in Bandung. There is an art gallery that offers special events, like contemporary arts every month. This event is for national and international levels.

Sebenarnya, there are still many places to visit in Bandung. With a lot of local attractions, it is not enough to explore Bandung in just a day. It is not enough to explore Bandung with a full-day tour. Oleh itu, extending your vacation period in Bandung will be a great idea, especially if you want to know more about Bandung and its attractions. Hopefully, the idea of these great Bandung Destinations makes you feel comfortable and easier to choose the best sites to visit in Bandung.

If it is the first time for you to visit Bandung, we recommend you to hire a travel guide. Even though you have to spend more, but you will never regret. A travel guide helps you so you can explore Bandung more efficiently. They know the best place to enjoy the delicious authentic food of Bandung, and they know how to make everything runs well for your vacation.

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