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Mount Bromo is not only a great place to see one of the most beautiful sunrise views in the world. This place also holds many interesting things you can find and try. So, if you plan to visit Mount Bromo, make sure you plan to have a longer stay time. Therefore, after watching the sunrise, you can try other activities. For that reason, we a list of several things you can do here.

Mount Bromo Crater

After you enjoy the magical moment of Bromo sunrise, stay for a while. You will be able to see the beautiful scenery of the crater. Moreover, in clear weather, you also can see the mountain near Mount Bromo. The fog also gives it an amazing view you never imagined before. 

The Whispering Sands

Near the Mount Bromo crater, you can find a huge volcanic ash area. This area looks like a desert. In the windy weather, you can hear a unique sound in this area. The wind blow hit the dune and creates a whispering-like sound. It is one of the most miraculous experiences you can get in Mount Bromo.

Horse Riding

While you visit the desert area, try horse riding. This is one of the best methods to explore the desert and move from one place to another. And, with the horse, you also can ride it to visit the next destination in your Bromo’s adventure. 

Luhur Poten Temple

This unique temple was built in the middle of the desert area. The architecture is magnificent. You can see the Balinese temple style combined with the local architectural style. You can take a picture here. However, make sure you plan your time to visit this place beforehand. Do not visit this place on Nyepi, one of the Hindu religious holidays. This area is closed to provide a comfortable place for people to pray here.

King Kong Hill and Love Hill

Penanjakan is the most popular spot to see the sunrise. However, if you want an alternative place to see the sunrise, you can try King Kong hill or Love hill. King Kong Hill maybe is the most popular among all alternative places to see the sunrise. So, mostly, it is crowded. You can try Love Hill that provides a calmer view. It is perfect for you who need romantic nuance. Ask your guide first to take you to these two places. Mostly, they only offer a guide to Penanjakan.

Teletubbies Hill

Bromo also has Teletubbies Hill. The scenery is similar to the hills that you can see in that show. However, seeing it directly in this area is more beautiful than on TV. This place also becomes one of the best spots to take a photo or selfie. Its high Instagrammable-ness is perfect for you who want to share its beauty on your social media.

Finding all those places and try all kinds of activities we explained above maybe is difficult, if you do it alone. So, you can check our trip packages here. That way you can visit them without any problem. 

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