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Belitung Island is part of Indonesia. If you have watched a popular film in Indonesia “Laskar Pelangi”, for sure you know how beautiful this island is. Before talking about all things about the best spots and destinations to visit, it is better to know more about this island from this review.

Where is Belitung Island

Belitung Island is on the east coast of Sumatra. The main town of the island is Tanjung Pandan. Beaches and offshore islands in Belitung are quite many and therefore, the area is so popular for tourist destinations. The popular beaches here are Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang Beach. These sites are available with clear blue water, rocky, and sandy beaches.

Where is Belitung Island

Best Belitung Honeymoon Options

You must be the happiest in the world right now because you are coming to Belitung Island to enjoy your honeymoon. You are coming there with your lover and make sure that she is the happiest too. Here, we give you the list of the perfect Belitung honeymoon sites to visit right now:

1. Burung Mandi Beach

You can find this beach in Burung mandi Village. So, if you are at the main airport right now, you can go here after dealing with 70 kilometers. Burung Mandi in English means “Bird Bath”. No one knows birds love bathing here but the name itself is from the name of the mountain.

As you can see that the beach offers you a beautiful view of the mountain background. So, you are more than just visiting the beach, but also enjoying the mountain air. The beach is beautiful because it offers clear blue water, pine trees, and mountainous view. Best of all, the area is great for photo shoots. You can enjoy the destination with your lovers, family, and even best friends.

2. Memperak Island

Go to Memperak beach in the east Belitung district. The island is far but the view will amaze you. That is why even though the location is quite far, but the island is so popular in all districts. The beach is very clear with greenish and bluish water. Also, It can be the best gateway if you want to enjoy and relax there. What you can do here is swimming because the wave is safe and not too high.

It is no wonder that Memperak beach is also popular as the best snorkeling area in Belitung Island. It sounds nice if you enjoy snorkeling with your lover. Alternatively, you can see the sea life view on this beach. Everything is still natural here because the local government still protected the area. It is not too much to say that the area is perfect for your holiday spot.

3. Tanjung Pendam Beach in Belitung Island

Tanjung Pendam beach is the popular beach in Belitung. The scenery here is like a painting. Also, the wave is calm and safe. It is a great place to relax and enjoy your time with your beloved one.
What you can do during your visit here is to sit or lay on the beach seat. Alternatively, you can stare at the beach. The water is blue with the beautiful blue sky that completes you. Even better, you can try something else like sunbathing, reading books, and sun meditating. If possible, do not leave too soon here. It is better to wait until the evening comes and you will see how beautiful the sunset on this beach is.

Many travelers go here because it is easy to access. It is in Sijuk district, Tanjung pandan. You can check how local people work here. They do painting and handcrafting. So, it is the ideal location to hunt for the best souvenirs, as well.

4. Penyabong Beach

Well, Belitung Island has a long list of beautiful beaches. One of the options is Penyabong Beach. It is in Membalong district that is quite far from the capital Tanjungpandang. It takes about 70 kilos and we can say it is a beautiful beach. The area has great white sand. Also, you can find granite on the beach. The area sounds perfect because the presence of trees lined. You can walk around the beach and talk to your beloved one.

If you go to this beach, it is important to know that the level of waves is big. So, make sure that you are aware of this when you walk around. If you love surfing, you can do it here. Otherwise, you can sit in the corner of the beach and hunt for seafood stands to start eating.

5. Pasir Island in Belitung Island

In Bahasa Indonesia, Pasir means “Sand”. If we try to translate it in English, then Pasir Island is “Sand Island”. If you are visiting Tanjung Kelayang right now, it is better to not leave soon. You can go to Pasir Island because the area is not far from Kelayang. You only have to rent a boat and enjoy boating for 15 minutes.

Additionally, Pasir Island offers a unique place that you can jump through the water. The shallow water lets you swim, too. Other than that, you can find sea animals on the white sand. The water is clear blue that you can even see a big red starfish there. Unfortunately, it is illegal to bring a red starfish home. The best view of the island is because there are many small islands surround this area.

6. Berahu Hills

Take this as your next choice to Belitung Honeymoon package tour you want to try. Berahu hills are in Sinjuk district at Tanjuk Binga Village. If you are at the center of Tanjungpandan, you can go here after spending 18 kilos to reach. Additionally, Berahu Hills means that the area is like Ship. It is because the shape of the hills is like a ship if you look at it from the distance. The hills have beautiful view of beaches around. What you can do here is climbing on it, standing on the top and enjoy the wind swipes your body softly.

Unlike other places, Berahu Hills have complete facilities such as hotel rooms, restaurants, and swimming pool. It is amazing to enjoy stargazing there with your beloved one. Best of all, the sky is clean and far from any pollution.

Best Belitung Snorkeling Spots

There are many beaches to visit in Belitung. These beaches look best and exotics. Nevertheless, not all beaches can support you to do snorkeling. So, if you want to start snorkeling in Belitung, we think here are the best Belitung snorkeling sites to try.

1. Tanjung Kelayang Beach

This is one of the most favorite options for both locals and tourists. The location is at 28 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan City. Additionally, it is the icon of the island. The big reason why the beach is so popular is that the popular event, named Sail Indonesia. This event is about hundreds of yachts will come to the beach for touring. Besides, there are many available facilities such as traditional restaurants, cottages, and others.

How about the seawater, here? Well, it offers blue and crystal clear seawater. Also, the waves are not too strong so you can enjoy playing in the water. Even better, you can swim there. Best of all, the beach has several coconut trees. What makes this beach looks so iconic is the granites. The natural view of the rocks wonders visitors, such as how they can form unique shapes to create unmatched look. If you look at the rocks, it will remind you to a head of a bird. Therefore, the local people call it Batu Garuda. It is only hundred meters from the shoreline, you can see small fish swimming and hide in the corals.

2. Lengkuas Island

You can find this island in the Sijuk sub-district. What you can see here are the lush palm trees, the beautiful landscape, and the boulders to climb on or the swim beneath. Also, the island offers a pristine beach with the huge granite boulders and the blue waters. It is one of the best Belitung snorkeling areas because the shallow waters. So, it is not too deep because it is only about 1.2 meters. But, you can even see the bottom of the sea. Below the surface, you can find various kinds of colorful fish with coral reefs, starfish, and granite boulders.

3. Kepayang Island

Go to North Belitung Island, and you will find many small clusters and islands. One of the best snorkeling islands is Kepayang. Kepayang Island is also popular as Pulau Babi. In English, we can say this island as Pig Island. With the area that offers 14 hectares, you can find many interesting things, especially for the beach.

To come to this white sandy beach, you have to rent a boat from the port of Tanjung Kelayang. You will enjoy a short journey that is about 10 minutes. Pasir Island is another popular option. Actually, it is the extension of Kepayang Island.

Belitung Island And Things To Do

There are still many interesting places you must visit during your time to stay in Belitung Island. Here, we have listed the places to help you know Belitung and things to do.

1. Rumah Adat Belitung Island

So, this is the identity of Belitung. It is also the culture of the island. We can call it as Rumah Gede or Rumah Pangong. Rumah Panggong is an authentic and tradition house. It becomes the icon of the people in Belitung. Additionally, the local government has built it with the goal to let the younger generations know. It is because the presence of this traditional house is rare right now.

Travelers can explore the house tradition so they know that each room serves a different function. If you are lucky, you may come there and enjoy a traditional ceremony, or another event such as traditional dances and traditional shows.

2. Kaolin Lake

It is located at Murai Road, in Air Raya Village, Tanjung Pandan Regency, and Belitung. If you are from the town of Tanjung Pandan, then it only needs 15 minutes to find go to this lake. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. It is interesting to know that it is not a lake formed by nature. In fact, this lake is the leftover from mining activity. By the time, water has filled the area and nature healed it somehow to become a beautiful lake.

The white rocks and base of the lake are from Kaolin. Kaolin is a substance, mineral we use in Industry fields such as paper, cosmetics, and toothbrush. Kaolin has white, smooth, and strong texture that does not conduct heat.

This lake is so popular because of the blue water that looks contrast to the white sand and rocks around it. Once you are there, you can enjoy playing water. The lake is not dangerous that you can use the water to take a bath just like the local people do. If you have a plan to visit this lake, make sure you bring a high-quality camera. The unmatched view and the beautiful view around this lake are great to keep.

3. Open Pit Lake in Belitung Island

Have you ever visited Kaolin Lake? If so, you should go to the next choice that is Open Pit Lake. It makes Belitung Island is so beautiful to explore. Open Pit Lake has its unique touch. You can find it in the east of Belitung. Just like Kaolin Lake, Open Pit Lake formerly was a mining area.

In the Open Pit area, there is a beautiful lake and it becomes the main attraction. The depth of the lake is from 30 to 50 meters. The deeper it is the color will change to blue. Unlike Kaolin Lake, you cannot swim here. Even though the water of the lake looks fresh, but you cannot even step closer to the area.

It is because up to now, we do not know about the chemical substance in the lake itself. Also, no one knows how it can impact people. Additionally, the reason why travelers should not step closer to the lake because the land surrounds the area is not solid. Therefore, it is too risky and too dangerous to come closer. What makes the lake looks beautiful because of the trees and grass complete the area.

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