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Who does not know about Bromo? Mt. Bromo has known as one of the prime tourist spot in East Java. This place is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, salah satu destinasi paling indah di Indonesia di Jawa Timur, Mt. Bromo is interesting because it’s an active volcano with 2.392 meters height above sea level, famous for sunrise views and the panorama over the caldera with Semeru volcano in the background.

Having a nice morning in Bromo is such a dream to many people because it has calming and cool atmosphere. Wonderful scenery is the key of Bromo charm. On your visit to Bromo you will watch sunrise when the weather is good. Anda juga akan menyeberangi lautan pasir dengan jip dan menaiki tangga untuk mendapatkan kawah Bromo.


Yogyakarta (pronounced ‘Jogjakarta’ and called Yogya, ‘Jogja’, for short), is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Indonesia. A thousand years ago,
Yogyakarta was the center of ancient Mataram Kingdom which was prosperous and high civilized. This kingdom built Borobudur Temple which was the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. Six hundred years later, Panembahan Senopati established the Islamic Mataram Kingdom in the region. Once again, Yogyakarta became the witness of human history of a great Kingdom that ruled Java Island and its surrounding area.

Yogyakarta at present is a place where tradition and modern dynamics are going on together continuously. In spite of its rapid growth as an urban center and its reputation as a cultural and artistic hub, Yogyakarta is also home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders, hidden gems that range from beaches to underground caves. A unique combination of ancient temples, history, traditions, culture and natural wonders make Yogyakarta a very worth to visit. This city has a special charm, which seldom fails to captivate the visitor.

Bromo-Jogja tour is something really special. Both are a popular option for tourists travelling in Indonesia. It’s easy to understand why after read the overview.

We offer a Bromo-Jogja Tour by train after Bromo Midnight Trip, through Surabaya and arrive in Yogyakarta. It’s easy to take the train from Surabaya to Yogyakarta. Trains depart from Surabaya Gubeng Station and will arrive at
Yogyakarta Station. Surabaya to Yogyakarta train journey takes between 4-5 hours. And after arriving at the station, our team has been waiting for you and ready to take you to the hotel/ guesthouse to rest before continuing the trip
in Yogyakarta on the next day.

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