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All You Should Know Before Traveling to Belitung Island

14 Oktober 2019 58x Destinations

Belitung island is so popular with its beaches and islands. The area is a great place for honeymoon, snorkeling, and traveling. Here are things to know. read more

10 Most Popular Bandung Destination and Attractions To Visit Today

14 Oktober 2019 11x Destinations

Bandung destinations are quite many. You can visit from the natural area to amusement park. Here are all you should know about what to do and where to go in Bandung. read more

Malioboro – The Most Famous Street in Yogyakarta

4 Oktober 2019 43x Destinations

 What’s Malioboro? Who’s the one who doesn’t know about Malioboro? Everyone comes to Yogyakarta will talk about this area. This is a famous street, which located is on the heart of Yogyakarta.  Malioboro is a legendary shopping area. One... read more

Explore Timang Beach

13 September 2019 124x Destinations

 The tourism in Yogyakarta will never end. As the time goes by, Yogyakarta tourism will always present the face of new tourism. Explore Timang Beach, can be a great choice! It has become one of the agendas to visit... read more

Merapi Lava Tour – A Short Guide

8 September 2019 102x Destinations

 Merapi Mountain experienced an eruption in 2010. Which caused 337 fatalities and transformed the surrounding villages into ruins. Local residents around Mount Merapi experienced deep trauma. Do not want to dissolve in sadness, they turn disaster into a tourist... read more

Yogyakarta Travel Guide – Things To Know Before You Go

22 Agustus 2019 244x Destinations, Tips

Yogyakarta Travel Guide : Plan, Stay, Do, Tips, Food, & Itinerary  Yogyakarta is the extraordinary place in Java. With various cultures, religions and famous places to visit. Yogya become the loveliest city to spend your holiday. All you need before you go is to arrange your perfect trip to enjoy Jogja. Here we present you a Yogyakarta travel guide before you go. How to get Yogyakarta  Is Yogyakarta be one of... read more

Things To Do In Jogja : Watch Ramayana Ballet

17 Agustus 2019 107x Destinations, Events

 Watch Ramayana Ballet, The Most Epic Story From Prambanan Temple This is the most epic ancient story which is interesting to see. Not only from the Prambanan Temple engraving, but you can see this in dance show. Watch Ramayana... read more

Yogyakarta Places To Visit : The Largest Buddhist Temple In The World “Borobudur”

11 Agustus 2019 129x Destinations

 Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. This temple is located in Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This temple 40 km away from Northwest Yogyakarta. Needed around 1,5 hours driving away from Yogyakarta by private/rent a car. This... read more

The 5 Most Favorite Places to Visit in Yogyakarta

14 Juni 2019 362x Destinations, Reviews

 Yogyakarta is the most popular place in Indonesia with various cultures and extraordinary sceneries. This city is surrounding by Sewu Mountains in the east, Menoreh Mountains in the west, and also the glorious Merapi Mountain in the northern region... read more

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