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The tourism in Yogyakarta will never end. As the time goes by, Yogyakarta tourism will always present the face of new tourism. Explore Timang Beach, can be a great choice! It has become one of the agendas to visit and taste the adrenaline adventures while you are in Yogyakarta.

This beach itself is located on Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency. From the city of Yogyakarta we need around 3 hours to reach this place.

Behind The Scene of Timang Beach

The island across from Timang Beach is a field for lobster fishermen. The condition of the southern sea waves and the presence of rocks make this location impassable by the ship’s lane. And finally the fishermen made an innovation through an extreme cable car that allowed them to move from one island to the other.

But unexpectedly, this brilliant innovation from lobster fishermen has attracted the attention of tourists around this area. They were so curious to take part in trying out this cable car. Obviously, the demand for tourists to try rides this cable car also increased.

dalam 2017, there was a Korean reality show calledRunning Mantook a shooting location at Timang Beach. And BOOM! The Timang Beach has become one of the tourist destinations that must be visited when visit Yogyakarta.

What to do in Timang Beach

You can challenge your adrenaline by riding a cable car or a suspension bridge here. But not only to try these extreme attractions, here also offers you culinary tourism which will be unfortunate if you missed. Yup! Try to taste the tasty lobster which is fresh and be the main of the sea commodity of Timang Beach. For food lovers eating the lobster atPak Sis Restaurantit is a must! And of course for taking picture around this beach such as an obligation! Incredible amazing views will be the background of your pictures.

Walau bagaimanapun, the access road to Timang Beach is not good enough. To visit this place we are required to rent a Jeep. And the best time to visit this Timang Beach is all the time! Yeah as long as there is still sun and there is no rain. Make sure everything set and ready before you start exploring this place.

Still wondering for this place? For further information, feel free to contact and entrust your trip with us!

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