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Traveling will certainly give you a different impression. Every place have their own uniqueness that distinguish from other places. Just like Yogyakarta city always makes us want to come, again and again. One of interesting and worth to be discussed is about Goa Pindul Jogja.

The history about Goa Pindul 

Goa Pindul itself, such a cave with a river flow underneath the cave. The cave hall was created on process of earth formation that occurred millions of years ago. And this is naturally happened.

 And the river flow used for help local residents for daily purposes, such as bathing and washing clothes. However, since it was open for public, local residents are not allowed to carry out for that activities anymore. Fishing can be done, but only at night.

There’s a story behind the origin of Goa Pindul name. It is said that a long time ago there was a man named Joko Singlulung who was looking for his missing father. Joko Singlulung traveled through the land of Java, which at that time was still wild. He walked exploring the forests, caves and mountains until he finally arrived at the Gunungkidul area. When Joko Singlulung entered a cave, he accidentally hit a rock. Thus the origin of naming the cave which is now popular among tourists. The word Pindul itself is an abbreviation of the word “Pipi Kebendul” which comes from Javanese. Kebendul in Indonesian means bumping.

Explain more about Goa Pindul 

Basically, Goa Pindul is a cave with the river flow below. And tourist will be taken to explore the river using large tires and life jackets. The tires will be modified with the crossed over tied rope that will be used as a seat. And then the tires will be tied according to your members or groups.

The tourist will be treated with see the large of stalactite stones inside the cave. The size of this stalactite reaches 5 stretches of adult hands. There’s a rumor about the water that drips from this stalactite could make woman beautiful and youthful. And for men, this water could increase their male vitality.

And don’t doubting the safety for this trip. This is already in accordance with existing safety standards. Even for life jackets is guarantee not to sink. There will available in various size, also for the tires. Start from small (children), medium (adults) and even jumbo size. 

To enjoy Goa Pindul, there is no age limit or minimum number of participants who take part in this tour. The manager will always be ready to serve you well.

Important things before you take on Goa Pindul trip

The perfect moment to visit here is the start of the month. A bit quite, might  people kinda busy with shopping stuff hehe. Visiting on weekdays will be much better than a weekend. And the best time to come over here is on 10:00-12:00 noon. Due to you’ll see the beauty of the vertical cave or we call it the jemblong cave, which means it is hollow from the top. You’ll allowed to get off the tire for enjoy your moment here. Taking pictures and exploring around this location.

However, to follow all safety attributes is mandatory. And before you start the tour, to go through inside the cave, you and other participants will be given instructions by the tour guide. And please be able to follow all these instructions properly.

Because this tour is related to nature, it would be nice if you are able to keep clean and having good behavior during this tour. It guaranteed, you’ll be surprised and impressed by the beauty of Goa Pindul. And you’ll get an unforgettable experience while you are here.

The items that you need to bring on this trip

Because we are going down the river, the item that you certainly must bring is a spare shirt. Spare shoes or sandals. Use sunscreen / sunblock, so your skin does not burn. Of course camera! For capture your moment in Goa Pindul. Better if you have a waterproof case to save your camera.


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