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What’s Malioboro?

Who’s the one who doesn’t know about Malioboro? Everyone comes to Yogyakarta will talk about this area. This is a famous street, which located is on the heart of Yogyakarta. 

Malioboro is a legendary shopping area. One of the pride of the city of Yogyakarta. Ranging from traditional to modern shopping. One way to shop at Malioboro is by bargaining. Especially for goods  commodity which sold by street vendors who line the sidewalks along the Malioboro road. Various kinds of souvenirs and crafts can be found here. Such as handicrafts from silver, leather, wood, batik cloth, pottery and so on.


This is a 24 hours nonstop area. Life in this area will never die. During the day, will fulfill with activities of Yogyakarta residents and tourists who are exploring this area. At night, this area will transform into a worthy place to release fatigue.

Shopping around this area is a must! Don’t miss any chance while you are here. There are a lot of things will fulfill your needs. Authentic unique souvenir, batiks, foods, mostly based SMEs around Yogyakarta itself  and surroundings.

 This place also offer you with many of streets-food or commonly called as “angkringan”. It will so affordable to try all these local food here. In addition to cheap, of course delicious and filling up your tummy. This area also offers you with lot of public entertainment which could company your night here. Start from the street buskers, Javanese special performances or another interesting that might you’ll not get in the afternoon.

In addition for shopping in Malioboro. You also have to try one of Yogyakarta’s legendary coffees called as Kopi Joss. You can find it easily near this area. The combination of coffee and hot charcoal in it, will create a unique taste that is really worth to be taste.
The Malioboro area is close to other historical attractions, which make so much interesting. After you shop at Malioboro, you can continue to visit other tourist objects. Architectural tours of the Dutch colonial heritage and other traditional shopping tourism. It so much worth if you visit any other tourist area around, which are Yogyakarta Palace, North Square, Great Mosque, Fort Vredeburg, Sonobudoyo and Kauman Village.

Stay near Malioboro

Staying in the area around Maliboro can be a good choice. There will be a variety of accommodation options that will be tailored to your needs and budget. You can choose which one the best for you. Going luxurious or budget accommodations.

How to get around Malioboro

Along with the times, there will be many inventions that really help human life, one of them are transportation. For travelers who are around Malioboro there will be many choices to getting around this area.

Walking though the street by your own

This is the most choice that tourists will choose to go around the Malioboro area. Besides avoiding traffic, you will also get a very interesting walking experience.

Try traditional pedicab Yogyakarta called as “Becak”

First time come to Yogyakarta? You must try this Becak! Yeah this is a traditional transportation. You will sit and someone will paddle this pedicab like pedaling a bicycle. This is very fun! Seeing the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta up from the pedicab.

Getting around by private vehicle or even online transportation

For travelers who don’t want to be complicated, they can use this alternative transportation.

So this article can help you to explore Yogyakarta, Malioboro to be exact. You can arrange and start to plan your vacation. Entrust us to be a partner of your tour guide service provider, click here for contact us.
We wish you luck and enjoy your holiday!

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