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Merapi Mountain experienced an eruption in 2010. Which caused 337 fatalities and transformed the surrounding villages into ruins. Local residents around Mount Merapi experienced deep trauma. Do not want to dissolve in sadness, they turn disaster into a tourist attraction. By establishing an attractive tourist destination Merapi Lava Tour.

Merapi Lava Tour is an adventure trip in the Merapi Mountain foothill. Located in Kaliadem, Yogyakarta. This is not just an ordinary adventure. This tour will offer you with a trip around the famous place in Merapi foothill. You will be invited to watch various landscapes of Merapi. Such as ruined village, volcanic sand dune and the glorious Merapi Mountain. You will explore the slope of Merapi Mountain with classical American Jeep car.

Merapi Lava Tour will invite you to see many famous place in the Merapi foothill. Start from the basecamp in Kaliadem area moving across off-road to Museum Sisa Hartaku. The silent witness of Merapi eruption in 2010. You will see majestic scenery during the trip with the remainder of lava material from Merapi Volcano. At that time the jeep took you into Batu Alien or Alien Stone. But don’t be confused about alien words. This is not an alien stone, moreover this is a stone with a human face engrave by nature. The finish trip will seize you into Bunker Kaliadem. This bunker is the closest place from Merapi, so you will see lovely view of Merapi Mountain.

No need to worry about the price list. Merapi Lava Tour offer to you with four tour package, short, medium, long trip and Merapi sunrise. The drivers from Merapi Lava Tour are friendly, you will receive any facilities while you trip. The drivers can also capturing your best moment with good angle for traveler.

Here is the famous place during Merapi Lava Tour

  1. Museum Sisa Hartaku

This is the silent witness of Merapi Eruption in 2010. Made many victims and destroyed many villages. At this museum you will see the melted bottle, abandoned motorcycle, broken furniture, and animal skeleton. The clock in this museum stopped at 00.05 o’clock, that become the sign of horrifying tragedy of Merapi eruption. The operational time in Museum Sisa Hartaku is at 08.00 am until 05.00 pm.

  1. Bunker Kaliadem

Kaliadem Bunker is the closest place to Mount Merapi. This bunker was constructed during the Dutch colonial era. This bunker has been buried for 3 years, after the Merapi eruption in 2006. This bunker becomes the silent witness to the death of two volunteers who were sheltering inside the bunker. The Kaliadem bunker has 15 cm thick steel main door, and surrounded with lava material until this time. At this time the Kaliadem Bunker is one of the interesting destinations on the Merapi Lava Tour.

  1. Batu Alien

This is a stone that came from the crater of Mount Merapi during a massive eruption in 2010. You will assume that this stone came from outer space (aliens). Named the alien stone, because this stone has an unusual shape that resembling the face of a human. This place is an interesting photo spot with a beautiful view and fresh air. Merapi Lava tour will take you here after Bunker Kaliadem.

Some Attractions and places near Merapi Lava Tour

  1. Ullen Sentalu Museum
  2. Warung Kopi Klotok 
  3. The World Landmarks
  4. Stonehenge Merapi
  5. The Lost World Castle
  6. Merapi Volcano Museum


Merapi Lava Tour Schedule and Price list

  • Sunrise Merapi Lava Tour: 4.30 AM until 7.00 AM. (IDR 450K)
    This is the best time to visit Merapi Mountain with a jeep to see sunrise from the slope of Merapi Mountain. Merapi Lava Tour will seize you to see the exotic sunrise and the scenery of Merapi Mountain. The jeep ride starts at 4.30 AM from base camp in Kaliadem to the off-road area with lava material near Merapi Volcano.
  • Short: Basecamp – Museum Sisa Hartaku – Batu Alien – Bunker Kaliadem (IDR 350K/ Jeep)

  • Medium: Basecamp Kaliadem – Bunker Kaliadem– Batu Alien – Museum Sisa Hartaku Kali Kuning/Petilasan Mbah Maridjan (IDR 450K/ Jeep)

  • Long: Museum Sisa Hartaku – Batu Alien – Bunker Kaliadem – Petilasan Mbah Maridjan – Kali Kuning (IDR 550K/ Jeep)

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