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Magnificence of Goa Pindul Jogja

19 Oktober 2019 100x Destinations

 Traveling will certainly give you a different impression. Every place have their own uniqueness that distinguish from other places. Just like Yogyakarta city always makes us want to come, again and again. One of interesting and worth to be... read more

4 Days in Jogja – The Ultimate Itinerary

14 Oktober 2019 155x Tips

Actually, we will never satisfy about tourism in Jogja. Because tourism here always developing and giving you new things whenever you visit. However, for you are busy and limited, 4 days in Jogja can be a great choice. Here, we... read more

Malioboro – The Most Famous Street in Yogyakarta

4 Oktober 2019 197x Destinations

 What’s Malioboro? Who’s the one who doesn’t know about Malioboro? Everyone comes to Yogyakarta will talk about this area. This is a famous street, which located is on the heart of Yogyakarta.  Malioboro is a legendary shopping area. One... read more

Explore Timang Beach

13 September 2019 365x Destinations

 The tourism in Yogyakarta will never end. As the time goes by, Yogyakarta tourism will always present the face of new tourism. Explore Timang Beach, can be a great choice! It has become one of the agendas to visit... read more

Merapi Lava Tour – A Short Guide

8 September 2019 261x Destinations

 Merapi Mountain experienced an eruption in 2010. Which caused 337 fatalities and transformed the surrounding villages into ruins. Local residents around Mount Merapi experienced deep trauma. Do not want to dissolve in sadness, they turn disaster into a tourist... read more

5 Days in Yogyakarta – The Ultimate Itinerary

4 September 2019 310x Tips

 Yogyakarta is never ending. There will always be new stories on every trip to this special city. And some of new places that is worthy and seems obligatory to visit.  Here, we gonna explain the ultimate itinerary to spend... read more

Yogyakarta Tour Package – Honeymoon

28 Agustus 2019 477x Tips

 Are you a couple seeking for a wonderful place for your dream honeymoon? Yogyakarta could be a perfect choice then! And do you wonder how it will happen and needed to figure out for Yogyakarta package tour honeymoon? Enjoy... read more


28 Agustus 2019 235x Reviews

Alhamdulillah akhirnya sampai juga aku dan isteri ke bandar Jogjakarta, Indonesia dan kesimpulan trip kali ni adalah Jogjakarta sebuah bandar yang kaya dengan sejarah dan misteri. Trip santai 5 hari 4 malam kami gunakan sebaik mungkin dengan pelbagai aktiviti dan... read more

Things To Do In Jogja : Watch Ramayana Ballet

17 Agustus 2019 184x Destinations, Events

 Watch Ramayana Ballet, The Most Epic Story From Prambanan Temple This is the most epic ancient story which is interesting to see. Not only from the Prambanan Temple engraving, but you can see this in dance show. Watch Ramayana... read more

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