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Yogyakarta is the most popular place in Indonesia with various cultures and extraordinary sceneries. This city is surrounding by Sewu Mountains in the east, Menoreh Mountains in the west, and also the glorious Merapi Mountain in the northern region of Yogyakarta. This city is recommended to you as a traveler who is interested to see attractive thing of Yogyakarta. Here we inform you the five most favorite places in Yogyakarta.

1. Timang Beach

Timang Beach is a famous destination which is located in Tepus Village, Gunung Kidul Regency. Because of the extreme roads, you can reach this beach by ordering an ojek or rent a jeep. This beach is famous for its gondola that will cross you to a small island across the beach. You won’t have any trouble to find food or drink around the beach, in addition there are 3 spot stalls that peddleany food. Although this place is very extreme, you are stilltreated with magnificent view of the South Sea and a beautiful view of the rocks cliff on the beach.

Jeep Pantai Timang : IDR 350K per jeep

Gondola Pantai Timang : IDR 200K per person

Crossing Bridge Pantai Timang : IDR 150K per person

Lobster Pantai Timang : IDR 650K for 1 set (enough 4 person)

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2. Merapi Lava Tour

Merapi Lava Tour is one of the tourist destinations that will offer to you a thrill of adventure using Jeep in a steep road around the foothills of Mount Merapi. Located in Kinahrejo Village, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Merapi Lava Tour will bring you tomany famous places in the foothills of Mount Merapi such as Kali Opak, Kampung Kaliadem, Bunker Kaliadem, Kali Kuning and Bukit Glagah Sari. You will also be invited to experience the condition of Mount Merapi when experiencing eruption in 2010 by visiting Museum ‘ Sisa Hartaku ‘, Mbah Maridjan tomb, Bunker Kaliadem, and Alien Stone.

Short Route : IDR 350K per jeep

Medium Route : IDR 450K per jeep

Long Route : IDR 550K per jeep

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3. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is a favorite spot for traveler which is located in the district of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. Built in the time of King Syailendra, Borobudur Temple was built from 760 A.D. until 830 A.D. as a sacred place to glorify the Buddha and also as a place of pilgrimage. You will get an interesting experience while exploring and seeing the various stupas that surrounding the temple. Borobudur temple which is built on a hill with a height of 265, because of its height you will be faced with the beautiful scenery of Menoreh Mountains when you are at the highest peak of Borobudur.

Entrance Fee : USD 20 per person

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4. Malioboro

Malioboro is a famous street in Yogyakarta since the Dutch colonial period. There are many historical buildings in this area such as Vrederburg Fortress, Kepatihan, and Gedung Agung. Here, you can also purchase for clothes & souvenirs at Beringharjo market or buy traditional Yogyakarta food (Gudeg) along Malioboro Street. You can also get a selfie with the background of the people who are enjoying the atmosphere of Malioboro. There are also many seller in Malioboro who sell typical snacks from Yogyakarta, namely Bakpia that you must try to eat. You will fall in love with Yogyakarta after visiting this places.

5. Parangtritis Beach

It is not enough if you visit Jogja without visiting Parangtritis Beach. Located in Bantul Regency, this beach is famous for its black sand and a pair of sand dune that extends around the beach. Here you can also ride horses and play ATV around the beach. Don’t forget to try the thrill of surfing on the sand dunes using sandboarding. No need to worry if you are hungry because there are many stalls that provide various food from snacks to heavy food. If you want to see Parangtritis in different angle you can fly with paragliding. Do not miss the chance to see a sunset in Parangtritis.

Sandboarding : 100K per board

Paragliding : 475K per person


Horse Riding : start from IDR 50K

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