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Watch Ramayana Ballet, The Most Epic Story From Prambanan Temple

This is the most epic ancient story which is interesting to see. Not only from the Prambanan Temple engraving, but you can see this in dance show. Watch Ramayana Ballet is an interesting show that held in every month and one of the things to do in Jogja. You will be invited to see the struggle of Rama, when he tries to save Dewi Shinta from the evil Rahwana. There is no dialog in this show, but there is a one storyteller. Called a sinden who describes the course of the story with Javanese song. Furthermore, Sinden and dancer are the main performance to make the best show in Ramayana Ballet.

Ramayana Ballet is divided into four sessions. The lost of Dewi Shinta, Hanoman Duta, death of Raden Kumbakarna, and Api Suci (Sacred Flame) Dewi Shinta. All this session is not performed in single day, but every month depending on the schedule. This is the summary of Ramayana Ballet. This show tells us about a story of knight Rama from Ayodya Kingdom. In order to get a husband for his daughter, Dewi Shinta. King of Mantili held an archery competition to find the best knight. Rama enters the competition and won the archery contest. Now he becomes the husband of Dewi Shinta. Rama is adorned with Dewi Shinta. So he never let her wife goes in danger, but the fate is unpredictable.

When Rama and Dewi Shinta walk around in Dandaka forest with her brother Laksmana. Comes evil Rahwana the demon king from Alengka Kingdom. The situation was so terrible when Rahwana kidnapped Dewi Shinta. Rama was very angry. He gathers massive monkey troops to make a bridge from Ayodya to Alengka Kingdom. The great battle was begun in Alengka Kingdom. Rama led the monkey troops to defeat Rahwana troops. At the end of the story. Rama was successfully defeated Rahwana with his own archer. Rama is reunited with Dewi Shinta. However, at the first time Rama is impeached about the holiness of Dewi Shinta. Then Dewi Shinta burnt himself to prove his holiness. At the same time Rama saw the body of Dewi shinta did not burn at all. Finally, Rama and Shinta are reunited again.

You will be not disappointed to see excellent performance of Ramayana Ballet. The combination of music, lightning, and the dancer with their costume was epic. Though there is no dialog in the show, but the spectator can easily know the characters. Furthermore, this show held in the area of Prambanan Temple. So the landscape is the best combination for Ramayana Ballet.

Ticket Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

  • Class 2: IDR 200K per person
  • Class 1: IDR 200K per person
  • Special Class: IDR 300K per person
  • VIP Class: IDR 400K per person

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