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Lombok Island is gradually getting popular among tourists from Southeast Asia. Now, it becomes one of the favorite vacation destinations for them. It is reasonable, though. Lombok Island offers so many great things that you never imagine and see at other places. So, your visit to this island could be one of the best visits you have made to Indonesia. Now, if you are interested with Lombok Island and plan to have a vacation there, let us tell you what you can do, get, find and see on this beautiful island.

How to get Lombok Island

Before you pack your stuff and go to Lombok, firstly, you must understand this place. The most important thing to know is how to get to Lombok and explore this island. So to enter this Lombok Island, you can take either airplane or cross the Lombok strait from Bali.

  • How to get by airplane

    • From Malaysia

You can take your directly flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (LOP) Lombok. It gonna take around 3 hours flight.

Total cost starting around RM450.

    • From Singapore

You can take your connecting flight from Changi International Airport (SIN), one stop in Bali I Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) and continue your flight to Lombok Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (LOP).

Total cost starting around SGD250.

    • From Jakarta

You can take your direct flight from any airport in Jakarta (JKTA) to Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (LOP). 

Total cost starting around Rp1500k.

    • From Bali

You can take your direct flight from I Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) to Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (LOP). It takes only for 45 mins.

Total cost starting around Rp500k.

  • How to get Lombok by ship

If you plan to visit Lombok after spending time in Bali, that makes everything easier. From Padangbai Harbor, you cross the Lombok Strait using a ferry to Sheet Harbor it takes about 4-6 hours to cross the strait depending on the weather and wave condition. 

The cost of a ferry ride around IDR 45k-50k in one crossing.


Places to Visit in Lombok 

Now, after you know the basic information about Lombok, we move to the best part of this travel guide. Let find out the best places to visit in Lombok. Lombok is well-known for its many amazing places and adventures. So, let’s find out the places here.

  • Gili

In the local language, “Gili” means a small island. You can find these small islands surrounding Lombok Island. And, on each of these islands, you can find one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Visiting Gili always becomes one of the main activities that all travel agencies offer. There are many of Gili. But if we have to mention the most popular one are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

  • Lombok Beaches

Visit Lombok without visit the beautiful beaches mean nothing. You must visit the most beach destinations in Lombok, which are Kuta Beach and Tanjung Aan.

  • Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani stands at 3,726 meters above sea level. This mountain is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Highly recommend to try to climb this mountain. On the top of the mountain you’ll find out the phenomenal Segara Anak Lake.

  • Culture Village in Lombok

Lombok does have a number of cultural villages that still uphold their customs. Visiting and interacting directly with indigenous villages in Lombok certainly gives you a new experience. You can learn about language, culture, and even the native local wisdom of the people of Lombok. Visiting Sade Village, Sakurare Village and Banyumulek village is a must.

  • Lombok Hills 

Lombok is famous for its beautiful beaches. Talking about the beach, is closely related to the beauty of the sun. There will be many people competing for the sunrise and sunset moments on the beach. Go to Merese and Malimbu Hills can be an option for the moment chasing your sun.


Places to Stay in Lombok

There are a lot of choices to fulfill your accommodation while you are in Lombok. Start from the budget and premium place to stay or you can even request your best and fit accommodations.

  • South Lombok – Kuta

Kuta as the famous beach in Lombok which it’ll be so much fun if you choose to stay in this area. 

  • North Lombok – Tanjung

This is perfectly place if you intend to have a family trip. This places face up through the Gili, which you’ll be able to see incredible scenery here.

  • Mataram

Mataram is the largest city in Lombok. Mataram could be the midpoint of several destinations that we want to visit. As the city, we can find recommendations eat to place easily here.

  • Senggigi

This place offers you a best nightlife. On this white sand beach is often held a party every night. So that the atmosphere of the night at the beach is never quiet.

  • Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is a quite place. You will not find any such thing as vehicle noise or traffic jams, because here it is strictly forbidden to motor vehicles. For you seeking the fresh air and relaxation place, this place is a great choice.


Things to do in Lombok

  • Chill and enjoy your moment in Gili.

For anyone who come up to Lombok, of course they all seeking for relaxation. 

After dealing with all that busy stuff at work and stuck up with life. Get a relaxation for a moment it must. Self-rewards is a bonus!

  • Try to snorkel and diving!

Visiting Lombok will be useless if you don’t try this. Lombok has beautiful ocean, beautiful scenery etc. Snorkel and dive is highly recommended to try while you are in Lombok!

  • Beach Party

For anyone who seeking a memorable beach party, Lombok Island could offers the best and company your night. Senggigi is the best area to spend your night time.

  • Cycling near beaches and around

This activity will be so much fun for you. Getting around by bicycle is a great idea. You can easily to find bike rent store here.

  • Attend Cultural Events in Lombok

Culture is another amazing thing you can enjoy in Lombok. Some of the great cultural events you can see and enjoy are:

    • Nyongkolan – this is a unique wedding ceremony. It maybe is difficult to find. But, when you go with the guide and coincidentally see this event, you can try to see and take pictures of this unique traditional ceremony.
    • Gendang Beleq – this is a music event where a group of people dancing and playing a traditional musical instrument, “Gendang Beleq”. It is an instrument that looks like a drum. Usually, they hold this event on a special occasion such as a wedding or when important guests visiting Lombok. 
    • Malean Sampi Festival – You may familiar with Karapan Sapi from Madura Island. This event is similar to that. They have been doing this ritual for two hundred years.
    • Presean – Sasak tribe, the majority of people in Lombok Island, hold this event to show the masculinity of men in that tribe. There are two people fight by using the rattan stick as the sword and buffalo skin used for the shield. In some events, you can even join and try to fight using it. So, make sure to get yourself ready.
    • Bau Nyale Festival – this festival is one of the most popular cultural festivals in Lombok. You will join the locals to hunt for sea worms in the sea. The biggest event is mostly held in Kuta Beach. Yes, Lombok also has Kuta beach. If you want to join, make sure you book it before the day of the event.

Those five events are only small parts of the Lombok culture richness. There are many other cultural events you also can find in Lombok. Ask your guide and travel agency to find more about them.

  • Climb the Mount. Rinjani

This is incredible thing to do that you can try while you are in Lombok. Mount Rinjani stands at 3,726 meters above sea level. This mountain is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. 

The best time to climb Mount Rinjani is April to November. This is the dry season, so the risk of getting trap in the heavy rain can be minimized. Thus, the risk of the incident also is much lower. Moreover, with clear weather, if you arrive at the summit in the morning, you can see one of the most beautiful sunrise scenery in the world.

How to get around Lombok

You can easily exploring Lombok by yourself. Treat yourself like a local in Lombok. There are some tips for you…

  • Rent your private vehicles

You can easily rent your private vehicles, you can choose motorbike or car. Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Online Transportation

This new era make human life easier. The invention of transportation is quite interesting. Only with a smart-phone and sufficient cellular data, you can already be invited to go around using this online transportation. Easily as download the app, you’re your account and make your order.

  • Cycling

For anyone who wanna relax and enjoy the moment while you are in Lombok, this is could be a great choice. You’ll find easily rent store around this area. 

Places to eat in Lombok

Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious culinary from Lombok Island. They have many tasty foods that give you unique experiences. Moreover, if you are Muslim, you don’t need to worry about the food ingredient. Islam is the majority religion in Lombok. So, most of the restaurants will serve food you can eat. Here are the delicious foods you must try.

  • Nasi Balap Puyung 

This is a simple rice dish. You get a plate of rice with different types of topping, such as shredded chicken meat, soya beans, dried shrimp and even fried eel. Get ready for the spicy flavor kick in it.

  • Bebalung

If you want to enjoy meat, try this dish. This buffalo ribs dish is cooked with different kinds of spices. It creates a spicy and strong taste inside your mouth.

  • Sate Bulayak

This is the unique satay dish from Lombok. It is made of cow meat serve with spicy sauce and Bulayak. Bulayak is a dish made of rice that has long shape.

  • Ayam Taliwang 

This marinade chicken dish is one of the famous Lombok original cuisines. You can find it in other areas in Indonesia. But, if you want to taste the real delicious Ayam Taliwang, you must go to Lombok.

  • Plecing Kangkung

It is made of Kale. With a special cooking method, the Kale becomes soft and easy to eat, even the trunk part. Its spicy flavor is a perfect match with the Ayam Taliwang. 

Additions! Things you need to know before travel to Lombok…

  • The geographical of Lombok Island

Lombok is a small island. Its size is almost the same as Bali. However, this island is less-crowded than Bali. Therefore, the road on this island is much easier to take for a journey, short or long distance. Most of the road in Lombok is already paved. So, it’s easier for you to drive on it. The problem is the road here was built following the geographical contour. But, if you are confident with your driving skills, rent a car or motorbike won’t be a problem. 

  • The Weather

In Lombok Island, the weather is clear and dry for the whole year, especially this year. However, according to BMKG, the Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency, there will be a rainy season this November. So, if you plan to visit Lombok soon, you may need to consider the weather. The rain season in Indonesia, including Lombok, often doesn’t feel good for tourists. So, if you want to avoid the rainy season, maybe you need to postpone your visit until April next year. April to October is the best time to visit Lombok.

  • Money

Always carry cash. Many spots in Lombok has already accepted the card. But, some of the exotic place in Lombok still uses the traditional method for the transaction. So, you need cash to pay for entrance, service, food, and others. Fortunately, there are many money changers in big cities, assuming you stay at a hotel there. Make sure you change your local currency there and bring enough, but not too much, money for your trip to the destination.

At the end

One thing for sure, Lombok Island holds many great things you can enjoy and try. It is worth your time to visit this island and enjoy your time here. Moreover, many of the activities and tourist spots in Lombok are also family-friendly. So, if you plan to go here with the entire family, including your beloved children, do not hesitate. Have fun and enjoy the beauty of Lombok Island.

Find out more about Lombok Trip Packages.

Feel free to contact us for more information about Lombok Island trip. Start to plan and arrange your holiday. Entrust us and wishing you enjoy your holiday!

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