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Perkara yang tahu sebelum memulakan perjalanan ke Medan – Sumatera Utara


Medan itself is a capital of North Sumatera. Terdapat banyak perkara yang anda boleh lakukan semasa anda berada di sini. And because this city located closely from Malaysia make this city perfect for anyone from Malaysia to explore around this city.

Medan is the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. And you can say this city the biggest city in Sumatera Island. Medan is known as a multi-cultural city. And home of exotic food like “Durians”. Also this place will offer you with a nice history place to visit, natural attractions that are still quite which is worth to explore and perfect place for shopping.

But before you travel here, we will give you fully information how to explore this city. And you just feel free to contact us. di sini, there are some information about Medan and around…


How to get Medan and around

Easily for anyone who want travel to Medan. There are some ways to get this city. You can easily choose your arrival destination to Kuala Namu International Airpport (KNO) or Sisingamangara XII International Airport (DTB) before it was known as Silangit International Airport if you want to visit Toba Lake.

By plane from Malaysia

You can choose your departure flight from any Airport in Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO).

Total cost starting around MYR 150.

By plane from Singapore

You can choose your departure flight from Changi International Airport (TANPA) to Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO).

Total cost starting around SGD 100.

By plane from Jakarta

You can choose your departure flight from any airport in Jakarta to Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO).

Total cost starting around IDR 1500K.

Places to visit around Medan

Medan City is known as multi-cultural city. This place will offer you about the cultural diversity. This diversity will build and strengthen one another.

  • Maimoon Palace

Maimoon Palace is a palace of Sultane of Deli. This place also is known landmark in Medan. Nowadays, this palace it severs as a museum. High recommended to visit this place.

  • Al-Mashun Mosque

This mosque located near the Maimoon Palace complex. This mosque is the oldest mosque in Medan, more than a century!

  • Tjong A Fie Mansion

Actually Tjong A Fie is a businessman, banker and captain from Hakka, China. Tjong A Fie successfully built a big business in the field of plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia. This mansion used to Tjong A Fie house before, but today this house it severs as a museum. Visiting every corner of Tjong A Fie’s house will amaze us, make us enchanted, and certainly instagrammable. Good to take photo here and uploaded to social media.

  • Old City-Kesawan

Visiting Medan feels not worth it if you not visit the old city of Medan or commonly called Kesawan Square. Kesawan has developed since 1871, since the government office moved from Labuhan Deli. Also Kesawan began to advance in 1880, this area became an exclusive area. Around 1900, Kesawan had become the economic center of Medan City by having a market, a train station, a post office, a bank, a restaurant, a bank, a government office, and a mosque.

  • Merdeka Walk Area

This is an open public area. Precisely locate in the heart of Medan City. This area will is so reachable and easy to access. This area seems like a food area btw. Oftenly, there is an event which held in this area.

  • Local Market (Petisah/Pajak Ikan Lama)

There are some local markets that we could offer you. di sini, you can satisfy your shopping desires. Good things and affordable price you can find here. Your bargaining ability is very much needed here!


Places to stay around Medan

There are a lot of choices if you want to stay near Medan city. Start from budget accommodations to luxurious 5 stars hotel. You can arrange your accommodations based on your budgets and needs.

Near Merdeka Walk : This is located on the heart of Medan City. There are many places to eat and tourist attractions and most of the five-star hotels are here.

Near Great Mosque : This is located close to tourist attractions in Medan, which are Great Mosque and Maimun Palace. Also there are plenty of food places here.

Near Kuala Namu : This is located close to Kuala Namu International Airport. It could be a great choice once you need to flight back to your home.



Things to do while you are in Medan!

A lot of things you can do while you are travelling to this area. Relaxing, exploring, you can even learn about the culture here. It is so much fun! You also can try amazing local dishes and shopping unique stuff from Medan. jadi, these are the list things to do while you are in Medan!

Explore the city

First thing that you can do is exploring how Medan city look like. You will find plenty great things while you are exploring. Story behind this city, the history and learn about cultural diversity.

Try amazing local dishes

Every place will always offer you for amazing local tasty food, also in Medan. Might you never kind of this food, which is worth it to try. We will take you to the best restaurant while you are here!

Shopping around in Medan

It could be fun activity that you can do in Medan and around. We will take you to the local market here then you’ll find such as unique and out of the box stuff from Medan.


Places to eat in Medan

Medan itself has a unique taste of food. The taste that is presented will certainly feel different and will not be found in any other places. di sini, we will recommend you to the best places to eat in Medan and worth to try

Soto Sinar Pagi

Soto Medan is famous for its taste. The soup will be different from any other soup in Indonesia. Worth to try!

Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok

Its true Mie Aceh not coming from Medan. But this kind of food is highly recommended to try. The sensation of hot and spicy also the spices perfectly melt in your mouth. So tasty!

Nasi Goreng Pandu

This nasi goreng will taste different than any other nasi goreng. With minced chicken and omelet also the onion pickles.

Tip-Top Restaurant

This restaurant has established since 1934. This restaurant will offers you the best cake and ice cream based the old recipe and still maintaining the old fashioned way of making. The foods are tasty here!


How to get around in Medan

If you wanted to know how to explore this city we will give you some options. You can easily to explore and seight-seeing around, acting like you local here. di sini, some tips and recommendations.

Sewa kenderaan peribadi anda

This is the best way if you don’t want to be complicated. You can arrange your own trip.

Try traditional pedicab “Bentor aka Becak”

You must try this Becak! Yeah this is a traditional transportation. This Becak kinda different, you will taking by the motorcycle and you will sit beside the driver. It’s kinda fun! Look the beauty city of Medan from this Becak.

Getting around by private vechile or even online transportation

For travelers who don’t want to be complicated, they can use this alternative transportation.

jadi, the travel guide article of Medan is already released. You’ll have a guidance which can help you to explore Medan and around. sekarang, it’s your turn to arrange and start to plan your vacation. Check packages di sini. Entrust us to be a partner of your tour guide service provider. We wish you luck and enjoy your holiday!










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