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Holiday atmosphere on Timang beach

Eid Fitr becomes one of the famous awaited holidays. In Indonesia, Eid Fitr is also famous with the local tradition called ‘Mudik’ when people go back to their hometown to celebrate Eid Fitr with family. It is a reasonable thing when airplane and hotel ticket are always sold out earlier. Jogja is the most favorite place to spend time on holiday. The common thing is domestic tourist will crowded at Lebaran after Eid Fitr. Oleh itu, you should prepared your holiday itinerary in Jogja at Eid Fitr. This following tips may help your itinerary to spend your holiday in Jogja at Eid Fitr.

1. Book your ticket flight and hotel earlier, it is better when you book the ticket before your planning time and also will make you thrifty, because the price will increase when it is approaching the Eid Fitr day, so the offering price will be cheaper. Avoid the last minute booking, it can be a risk if the price is too expensive or you will not get the hotel room.

2. Booking a Hotel outside Ring 1 Malioboro, in addition Jogja has hotel zones which are centered in Malioboro area. The hotel in this location can be called Ring 1, you can get an alternative by finding the hotel which is far from that area. On the other hand, you will get a cheaper price, and also you will be free from traffic jam.

3. Always monitoring the promo and spend your time to keep track of some flight or Hotel booking with applications that provides regular Promo. You can buy a promo ticket, or even, you can book it a few months or even a year before the holiday schedule. It will help you save your travel expenses.

4. Study your travel locations to determine your Itinerary, and also study the tourism sites which you want to visit. Because, the popular destinations during the holiday season at Idul Fitri in Jogja will filled with domestic tourists. Maybe you can decide according to the day, and put a popular destination perhaps within 4-5 days after Eid Fitr in the last days of your trip to avoid visiting popular destinations while the Eid Fitr atmosphere.

To make it easier for you to plan your itinerary, you can contact us. Hopefully, some of these tips can help you to spend your Eid Fitr holiday in Jogja. For those who do not want to struggle in planning a vacation to Jogja, you can check our offers on clickhere.

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