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Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. This temple is located in Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This temple 40 km away from Northwest Yogyakarta. Needed around 1,5 hours driving away from Yogyakarta by private/rent a car. This place was built around the 9th century, but until now Borobudur still is the must-visit destination while you are in Yogyakarta.

Borobudur itself derived from “Bara” and “Budur” words. Which interpreted “Bara” as monastery areas and “Budur” which is means as above. So Borobudur has a meaning as the monastery areas above. In the end of 1960s, the Indonesia government requested for an international scale renovation for this Borobudur Temple. Until in 1975 to 1982 along with UNESCO, Borobudur Temple was renovated. In 1991, UNESCO established the Borobudur Temple into the world heritage site.

Visit the Borobudur Temple such as a big deal for anyone who travels in Yogyakarta. You gotta get a lot from here, the history, the culture, the magnificent view. Also don’t forget you will get an epic picture with magnificent Borobudur background.

The best time to visit the Borobudur Temple is when the sun is ready to rise and when the sun set to down. Sunrise and the sunset are the perfect time to visit Borobudur Temple. But anyway, anytime to visit Borobudur is still awesome and affordable.

Borobudur Temple was originally designed in the form of a single large stupa that crowned on the top. But because of many considerations that stupa is too big and so weighty, will be so risky and dangerous if placed at the top. Then the stupa was dismantled and replaced with 3 smaller stupas and one main stupa just like now. Borobudur Temple itself divided into 10 levels. And the philosophy of 10 levels in Borobudur Temple is to symbolize the stage and process of human life. This temple has six square-shaped terraces on top which has one of circular court.

So for anyone who travels in Yogyakarta, make sure Borobudur Temple is one of on your travel-list.

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Don’t miss your chance to visit this Indonesian pride, a world pride as one of heritage world site. See you in Borobudur, traveler!

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